Product Care Guidelines

TDS+Alcantara Belt

Alcantara® seating material is very tough but you may see some scuffing of the material as you wear the belt. The following are some suggestions for maintaining and if necessary cleaning TDS+Alcantara Belts.

To preserve the beauty of a TDS+Alcantara product we recommend a few simple steps that you can take as needed. These are similar to what Alcantara® recommends for seat covering.

Occasional Cleaning or Surface Rejuvenation:

Lightly brush or dust using a soft brush or a dry cloth. Avoid energetic scrubbing. Brush with the grain to achieve a uniform look to the surface.

If the TDS+Alcantara belt becomes soiled with dirt, use a slightly damp white cloth or clean sponge to brush off any dirt. Avoid printed cloth or paper towels. These could possibly could leave a mark on the belt.

Stain Removal

If your belt is stained use water, lemon juice or grain alcohol as a stain removal agent. We do not recommend the use of chemical stain removers.

Begin the process of removing the stain within 30 minutes of occurrence. If necessary, remove any stain residue by blotting with a white paper towel or cloth. If necessary, rinse the white paper towel or cloth in clean water each time after wiping. Wring out well before using again.

Do not put a stain removal agent directly on the Alcantara® surface. Reduce the stain by working from the edge of the stain towards the center. Do not scrub. That action could spread the stain or cause it to penetrate more deeply.

A water-soluble stain can be cleaned with lukewarm to cool water and by blotting with clean water. Use a white cloth towel or white paper towel to blot dry.

Oils can be cleaned with lemon juice and then with lukewarm water. For non-water-soluble stains blot with ethyl alcohol. Then blot with water to finish clean up. Blot with a new white cloth or white paper towel to dry.

Each stain is different. The manner in which it occurs, how heavy the stain, the time between occurrence and removal attempt and the way in which the stain is removed will determine potential for success.


TDS Jewelry

Borrani Aluminum is by nature a soft metal. After a period of time and constant use some wear may appear on the piece. This is a natural occurrence and adds a mild patina. We do recommend periodic light buffing with a soft cloth. It is important to not apply too much pressure. We do not recommend using paper towels, cleaning solutions or any type of metal polish or polishing cloths on TDS+Borrani products.

For TDS Jewelry that is made with antiqued brass we recommend using the same approach as with TDS+Borrani products. Maintain the surface by brushing with a soft white cloth on a periodic basis.

For TDS Jewelry that is made with silver or brass (non-antiqued) we recommend using a soft cloth for periodic cleaning. If after time the metal begins to darken use the yellow cleaning cloth that is included with your product to rejuvenate the surface.


TDS+MINA PV Scarves and Pocket Squares


We recommend that your TDS+MINA PV product is hand washed. Use a mild hand soap or shampoo. Lay the scarf flat to dry. We do not recommend rubbing the fibers or wringing the scarf. This may damage the integrity of the material.

We also do not recommend dry cleaning. Some cleaners may use chemicals that are too harsh for TDS+MINA PV products. As a result, the design may fade.

If the TDS+MINA PV product becomes stained, wet the silk as soon as possible. Be sure to wet the entire piece not just the spot or it might leave a ring. Add dish washing detergent such as Ajax or Dawn that has grease removing capability. Do not rub. Allow the TDS+MINA PV product to soak in the detergent a few minutes. The spot should disappear. If it doesn't, then gently rub the spot. Take extra care not to damage the fibers.


To remove any wrinkles or to flatten the hem after cleaning use a steam iron set on the silk setting. A TDS+ MINA PV product can safely be ironed if the ironing is applied with care. Do not allow the iron to linger in one spot for too long.

Last Updated July 13, 2016