Vintage Bentley Cufflinks

Vintage Bentley Cufflinks


With names like Babe, Benjy, Tim, Sammy, Glen and Bertie, they were part of a group called the “Bentley Boys”. Terrific sportsmen of the old school, who drove as hard on the track as they played in their leisure time. They competed not for financial gain, but out of bravado and the thrill of racing.

The Bentley’s they drove were a commanding presence built at the factory in Cricklewood, North London. The mighty cars and the Bentley Boys raced to glory at the 24 Hours of LeMans.

The vintage Bentley cufflinks we offer are inspired by the great British classic. Painted in green, they are a wardrobe addition that signals the same savoir faire exhibited by the daring British drivers.

  • Design inspired by a vintage pre-war Bentley

  • Made from metal with a toggle post

  • Cast, assembled and painted by hand

  • Dimensions: Length 1.25”/32mm Height 1.25”/32mm (approximately)

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