CRASH Jewelry - Bentley Flying Spur Purple Crown Studs

CRASH Jewelry - Bentley Flying Spur Purple Crown Studs


These stud earrings are made of sterling silver and hold a round metal disc cut from the fender of a luxury Bentley Flying Spur. The paint on the studs is a rare color called Damson Metallic Purple. CRASH Jewelry artisans cut, sand, shape and polished the pieces of Bentley metal. Then they set the metal 'stones' into the decorative silver bezels reminiscent of a crown. Made for pierced ears.

Each piece of CRASH Jewelry is made from reclaimed car metal with the original paint finish still intact. Turning the material into beautiful jewelry is no easy task. CRASH Jewelry’s artists spend hours ensuring that each CRASH item meets their high standards for quality and design.

Every piece of CRASH jewelry is handmade in their Los Angeles, California body shop studio.

  • Made from reclaimed Bentley body panels

  • Original factory applied paint is still on the surface of the piece

  • Dimensions: .5”/12MM (approximately)

  • Certificate of Authenticity stating origin is provided with each piece

  • CRASH Jewelry is made to order and shipped directly from their studio in Los Angeles

Please contact us if you have questions about this piece.

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