Sophisticated Gifts With Exclusive Style

Sophisticated Gifts With Exclusive Style

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Great style and craftsmanship are combined to create a gorgeous selection of accessories for the person that loves cars or enjoys the company of a partner that is a car lover. This grouping includes our TDS+Mina PV Red with Green scarf, our TDF Steering Wheel Necklace and a cuff bracelet from CRASH Jewelry.

Together they make a stylish combo that can dress up an outfit or add flair to a pair of jeans.

GP Red with Green Scarf

  • Scarf design is taken from a painting by the artist Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki

  • 100% fine silk made in the Como region of Italy

  • Dimensions: 35” x 35”/90cm x 90cm (approximately)

TDF Steering Wheel Necklace

  • Design inspired by vintage Ferrari steering wheel 

  • Pendant has a 14K gold plated rim with silver rhodium plated center spokes, black enamel in the wheel rim and a Yellow Sapphire center (approximately 3.5mm).

  • Gold cable chain with gold lobster claw clasp

  • Dimensions: wheel diameter 1”/26mm (approximately), necklace length 18”/457mm

High Tech Tesla Cuff

  • CRASH High Tech Tesla Cuff is made from aluminum from a body panel of a Tesla Model S painted Deep Blue 

  • Each cuff is laser etched to remove the original factory paint and reveal the metal

  • An intricate tire design is created by contrasting the Deep Blue Tesla paint with the silver metal

  • Cuff dimensions: Width 1”/2.5cm (approximately)

  • Cuff is available in three sizes (small 5”- 6”, medium 6” - 7”and large 7”- 8”) to fit almost any wrist size

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