One-of-a-Kind Gift for the Home

One-of-a-Kind Gift for the Home

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Are you looking for a genuinely unique, virtually one-of-a-kind gift for the classic enthusiast? Then our hand-made engine parts Chess Set I is that gift.

Created using recycled engine parts from vintage Aston Martin, Lotus and Land Rover engines Chess Set 1 is one of only three that exist and only available through The Drivers Society. Chess Set 1 would be a special addition to any home where it can hold a place of prominence on display and be used for game board combat.

In addition, we include a set of our Monaco GP coasters that feature poster art from four decades of the great race through the streets of the Principality and one of our rosewood bottle stoppers. This is truly a unique gift combination for the classic car or chess enthusiast.

TDS Bespoke Chess Set I

  • 32 unique pieces made of steel and alloy: 

    • King/Queen: Aston Martin valves, Aston Martin valve springs and Aston Martin valve guides

    • Knights: Aston Martin wrist pin and Range Rover rocker arm

    • Bishop: Aston Martin brake piston and Aston Martin brake reaction ball

    • Rooks: Lotus wheel nut and Aston Martin brake piston

    • Pawns: Shock absorber mounts

  • Each piece is individually cleaned, shot blasted, cold welded and hand painted 

  • Color - limestone and black

  • Range of Chess Piece Heights: Knight - 5.5”/14cm to Pawn - 2.25”/6cm (approximately)

  • Handmade black and white chess board - 20” x 20”/51cm x 51cm (approximately)

Monaco GP Coasters

  • Set of four coasters that depict four decades of the Monaco GP

  • Hand-made using the finest Italian Porcelain ceramic tiles

  • Dimensions: Diameter 4”/10cm x 4”/10cm (approximately)

Rosewood Bottle Stopper

  • Polished Rosewood with chrome detailing and five speed gear change pattern

  • Dimensions: 4in/10cm tall x 1.5in/3.5cm diameter (approximately)

  • The tapered rubber seal ensures a tight fit for all wine bottle sizes

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